The Surayya Anne Foundation works with local agencies to provide additional services to our shelter clientele.


Domestic Violence Intervention Services

DVIS provides emergency counseling services for our clients, legal guidance at the family safety center, and assistance with court proceedings and safety measures. They have also provided Surayya Anne Foundation Board Members with staff training in the past, including areas such as conflict resolution.


Night Light Tulsa

Night Light Tulsa gives our Board Members and their families the opportunity to expand our work with  Tulsa’s homeless community. Board Members are able to serve a hot meal, and hand out essentials such as soap, deodorant, first aid, etc., and clothing to those who need the help. We share their mission is to “Light Up Tulsa through Loving Individuals, Giving Hope, and Touching Souls”. 


Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma (Formerly ACT – Associated Centers for Therapy) 

ACT provides grant based counseling for women and children who reside at the shelter. This counseling has been very helpful to some clients as an outlet to explore their feelings and gain insights into better decision making about their lives.

Oklahoma Department of Human ServicesDHS

DepaOklahoma Department of Human Servicesrtment of Human Services

DHS allows qualifying shelter clients to apply for public housing, food stamps and medical assistance.

Eddie Warrior Correctional Facility and Turley Residential Center

The Surayya Anne Foundation works with some local non-violent offenders who are being released and do not have family or friends to live with upon release.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill has provided job skills training and job placement to some of our shelter clients who have chosen to sign up and attend this career advancement program.



211 Helpline

211 Helpline makes referrals to the Surayya Anne Foundation for those who are looking for transitional living assistance and other services.



Islamic Society of Tulsa

The Islamic Society of Tulsa partners with the Surayya Anne Foundation to meet the needs of the Tulsa Islamic Community.  The Surayya Anne Foundation is able to make referrals for families in need to receive assistance.  The Islamic Society of Tulsa is also able to makes referrals to the Surayya Anne Foundation when they receive a request for help from women who are going to need residential or long term assistance.



Peace Academy

The Peace Academy partners with the Surayya Anne Foundation to provide opportunities for the students of Peace Academy to earn community service hours and perform internships once they move on to college.  Peace Academy students also have a change to apply for scholarships to help meet their needs in college.  The Surayya Anne Foundation has been able to help many Peace Academy scholarship students through the “Backpack to School” program.  The foundation donates dozens of backpacks loaded with school supplies for this program to assure a well prepared start for a successful school year.

ICO logo

Islamic Counsel of Oklahoma

ICO is a community action partner for the Surayya Anne Foundation.  The partnership allows many of the issues of the Islamic Community to be addressed on a statewide basis and discussed in a broader scope by allow a greater proportion of educated individuals to have input into solutions.




Resonance has been a long-acquainted resource in the community for providing feedback and insight as the Foundation developed its programs and services. The Board Leaders have been able to look to Resonance for experience and help in making decision regarding services and programs.