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About the Residence

Transitional residents include:

  • the economically disadvantaged,
  • those suffering from catastrophic illness,
  • those suffering from various physical and mental disabilities,
  • the evicted and homeless,
  • families in crisis or transition,
  • women and/or children suffering abuse,
  • women re-entering society from prison.

The residency has a Case Management team which oversees residential entry, food deliveries and day to day operations. In addition, the Case Manager guides residents in applying for immediate assistance through local social service programs like food stamps, DHS housing and health care benefits. The Case Manager is then able to focus on job and educational placement in order to transition into independent living.  In 2010 the Surayya Anne Foundation qualified for grant-based counseling, which provides residents with additional guidance and help.  Admission requires an application process and the agreement to work or go to school full time. Once settled in, residents begin saving part of their monthly income so they can work towards having their own place to live and when they leave the residency they can even get permission to take the contents of their apartment with them to their new home.  All apartments are individual studio units.

Non-emergency entry may be obtained by filling out an application form and submitting the form via regular mail at Surayya Anne Foundation, P.O. Box 33202, Tulsa, OK 74153 or via our email address:

Online Application