The Board of Directors, of the Surayya Anne Foundation, governs the overall direction of the nonprofit. Board members actively manage and participation in running the foundation’s daily operations.  Duties include: helping people in the Tulsa community with food, clothing, rides, charitable fundraisers and financial assistance. The board participates in an annual strategic planning session and determines both short-term and long-term goals for the foundation. All board members are required to participate on a committee and support the daily operations of the foundation’s apartment complex and offsite bill assistance programs. For more information contact Board President, Bahar Ranjbar: 918 340-4361.

Board Members

Bahar Ranjbar, President
Ashley Seck, Vice President
Leyla Ashenayi, Secretary
Ruba Duidar, Treasurer
Allison Moore
Heera Sheikh
Serene Khan
Samina Khan
Mahwish Khan
Mona El-Zahed