The Foundation’s goal is to offer academically deserving Muslims a scholarship to attend a University of their choice in order to further their education and achieve their future career goals.  There are no limitations on degree, coursework or career paths.  This opportunity is available to all Tulsa County residents.  We look for potential candidates who exude a high moral character, have an immense amount of passion and drive, integrity, honesty, humility and overall charisma!  The funds can be utilized for tuition, books, fees, permits, gas (contingent upon committee approval), room/board and other costs that are not mentioned but may be a necessity.

**Only applications turned in on time will be considered**


  • Must have at least a 3.0 non-weighted GPA
  • Have at least a 25 ACT score or 575 SAT score
  • Presents a financial need
  • Must have admission documents from an accredited two or four year college
  • Must be able to commit 20 community service hours to Surayya Anne Foundation or other community service opportunities approved by the committee.

Selection Process

Once all applications have been received, then the scholarship committee will review the applications alongside a rubric that has been set aside to follow.  Once the finalists are selected, the committee will invite you to come and interview in person.  During the interview process, if there is any additional information or paperwork you would like to submit to better explain an extenuating circumstance; this would be the time to do so.  After the interview process, the committee will vote and we will notify the applicants by email.

Questions? Contact:
Jenel Fatihah

Submit your application to Jenel Fatihah by July 31.

SAF_ScholarshipApp (PDF)

College scholarship application checklist


IMG_4711 Crystal-2016-College-Scholarship-Awardee