Client Testimonials

“I am writing you this email to express my utter gratitude and warm-hearted thanks and appreciation for the great and prompt support that I have received from Surayya Anne Foundation. The support I received was not only the generous financial aid but also the great attitude and sincere drive and emotions from the foundation in trying to stand by me considering my sudden deterioration in personal and family conditions. The Foundation members especially (Mrs. M and Mrs. F) dealt with me so kindly, sympathized with my situation and all my circumstances, and also held my hand to help me stand up independently. This is much appreciated since I am a woman who would like to remain independent even in the extreme circumstances imposed me. The Foundation considered my application very promptly and thoroughly. They listened to all my circumstances and provided me with extensive guidance. Additionally, the Foundation paid the full fees for a preparatory course to help me find a job, which was fruitful. I cannot really find the right words to describe my emotions towards the Foundation and the happiness I am living and having them holding my hand, but all I can say is thank you so much.” Sister SH (June 2015)

“Surayya Anne helped me get through cancer treatments by providing physical and emotional support.  I don’t know that I could have coped without this assistance.” ~ A

“The foundation has been a blessing for me and my daughter it helped me with a second chance by providing housing. Thanks Surayya Anne Foundation!” ~ C

“The Foundation has been generous in all ways-both material and financial.  When we came here-we did not have a home.  The Foundation helped us to get a home and helped us until we got on our feet.   Thank you.” ~ J.

“The Foundation has helped me immensely.  I am reintegrating into society after 3 years in prison, and the budget planning, job resources and guidance have helped me out a lot.” ~ K. A.

“The Surayya Anne Foundation has helped me immensely … before I was helped by them, I was literally sleeping in a doorway in another city.” ~ K. G.

“AssalamAlaikum, Thank you so much for the personal support, emotional and financial.  My son and I are very grateful to Allah (swt) to send us here.  May Allah bless you.”  ~ T


Endorsement video from Imam Zaid Shakir