Maria has been a member of our community for around 20 yrs.  She has been a mother, daughter and muslim sister in our community.  She has been the pillar for her 3 children and devoted daughter who cared for her mother until she passed a few years ago.  She and her family for years have been driving a vehicle with no heat or air.  This van was litterally falling apart but was not something that she could easily replace on her own since it had to be fitted with a special lift for her daughter.  Thanks to the Tulsa community and their generosity Maria and her family now have a reliable van for them to go to school and the doctor and all other things they need masha’allah.  This is an amazing accomplishment and says so much about what a wonderful community we have here in Tulsa.  All that can be said is thanks to all for blessing this family. This family also wanted to let everyone know that they appreciate you.

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