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Meet The Team

Board of Directors

Alia Agha, President, BS Elementary Education
Ashley Seck, Secretary, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Bahar Ranjbar, Vice President, BS Computer Science

Serene Khan, Grants Manager
Nabeela Joehar, Treasurer
Amber Al-Hakiem, Board Member, Masters in Global Studies
Saima Kanwal, Board Member

Sally "Alex" Poppe, Board Member

Hatice Topuz, Board Member

Safa El-Souessi, Board Member, LCSW


Jenel Fatihah, Executive Director
BA Psychology & Criminology,
Certified Non-Profit Professional 

Masters in Social Work


Pouring Sand


Our board is comprised of ten women from the Tulsa area who are passionate about bettering our community.

Globally, ethnically and culturally diverse, our board members, staff and volunteers are representatives of seventeen countries and speakers of twelve languages.


Our diversity strengthens our organization and allows us to better serve a variety of clients from different communities within Tulsa.

Office Staff 

Katie Luna, Certified Case Manager, Therapist, LCSW

Samantha Kittana, Grants Development VISTA, BS Criminal Justice

Garret Rask, Program Development VISTA, MA Political Science

Ndeye Dione, Human Resources Development VISTA, BS Public Health


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