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The Surayya Anne Foundation operates eight on-site apartments for the economically disadvantaged, the homeless, individuals facing illness or disability, families in crisis, survivors of domestic violence, immigrants and asylum-seekers, and women re-entering society from prison.

Admission requires an application process and the agreement to work or enroll in school full-time. Residents develop financial and personal goals under the oversight of the case management team. Counselors also guide residents in applying for other assistance through local social service programs.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications and the slow turnover of the apartments, applications will not be kept over 6 months. Should you not hear from us after 6 months and still are in need you will need to submit a new application for transitional housing through the Surayya Anne Foundation



In addition to on-site housing, the Surayya Anne Foundation also offers assistance with rent, utility bills, and groceries. Send all completed applications to

Boxed Food
Muslim Girl Studying


The Foundation offers academically deserving students scholarships to attend higher education in order to achieve their goals. We look for potential scholars in any field of study who exude a high moral character and display passion, integrity, honesty, humility and charisma.


A scholarship committee will review applications, conduct interviews, and notify the selected applicants. Selected scholars must commit 20 community service hours to the Foundation or an approved organization.  Check back for information regarding next application cycle. 


  • 3.0 non-weighted GPA

  • 25 ACT score or 1200 SAT score

  • Financial need

  • Proof of admission from an accredited college

  • Residence in Tulsa County


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