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Ramadan Iftar 2023

Each year during the Holy month of Ramadan Muslims around the world fast, give charity and spend time building their closeness with the religion. The Surayya Anne Foundation hosts an annual iftar dinner, the dinner that signifies breaking the fast, with a sense of community and offers those in attendance a chance to give in charity.

This year we are taking the time to update our guests on our most recent accomplishments, and appeal for our causes in the upcoming year. According to Housing Solutions most recent data, there has been a 6.6% increase in homelessness from 2022 to 2023 across Tulsa county with 44% of respondents claiming a lack of affordable housing was a major cause.

Join us as we break fast, share updates and fellowship with the local community and fellow Muslims. To buy your tickets, click the image above.

“Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded.” [Quran 75:10]

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